Motorcycle hire / Motorcycle test delivery

Hire a motorcycle for your CBT, or test
You can hire a 125cc motorcycle or scooter to practice following a CBT or DAS training course, we have appropriate machines available at all of our centres. Insurance is included in the cost of the hire.

Candidates who have completed a Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course sometimes want to practice their skill before purchasing their own bike. So why not hire a bike for a day ?

If you have completed a 125cc motorcycle Test Preparation course, you may wish to hire a 125cc motorbike (and borrow suitable clothing) to take your test A1 motorcycle test on. (or practice). This can be arranged.

Direct Access tests require the practical tests to be done on a larger bike. The practical test is normally incorporated into the DAS training course, but you can also have a suitable bike delivered to the test centre for you to take your motorcycle test on (A, A2 or A1) if you have take the appropriate training course with 90-ONE education. See 125cc Test (A1) Preperation, Direct Access Test (A and A2) or Licence upgrade refresher
Safety clothing can also be supplied see suitable clothing.

Delivery hire of larger machine for motorcycle test category A will be a machine of 595cc (600cc) or above with at least 54 bhp (54 horse power / 40kw)

Delivery hire of larger machine for motorcycle test category A2 will be a machine of 395cc (400cc) or above with at between 33 bhp (33 horse power / 25kw) and 47bhp (47 horse power / 35kw)

You may also hire a 125cc motorcycle independently to practice your road riding skills.

For motorcycle hire or machine delivery, please Contact us using the Contacts page.