Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency

Motorcycle test clothing

From the 1st July 2011, the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency will refuse to conduct a motorcycle test (module 1 or module 2) if you are not wearing suitable clothing. (See 90-ONE rider education's response below)

DVSA wonít pay out-of-pocket expenses if your test is cancelled because of inappropriate clothing.

Guide to suitable clothing

As a general guide the following is an indication of the minimum level of clothing acceptable:

The following are examples of clothing that are not acceptable:

In all cases itís a legal requirement that riders wear an approved and correctly fastened motorcycle helmet,* with suitable eye protection (*an exception is made for members of the Sikh religion wearing a turban).

The above is an extract from a DVSA document on clothing and tests. Click here to read the original document.

90-ONE rider education's response

At 90-ONE rider education we are proud to offer the FREE loan of suitable clothing (helmet, gloves, jacket, hi-vis and boots) for the duration of all Training Site based motorcycle training, testing and CBT courses.

For Motorcycle tests either MOD1 or MOD2, suitable clothing can be borrowed. This includes Direct Access (DAS), and Motorbike Hire for 125cc tests if you have completed a 125cc Test Preparation course. 90-ONE education will try to assist you where ever possible so your test does not get cancelled on grounds of "inappropriate clothing".

For further information, contact 90-ONE education using the Contacts page or simply call us on 0345 370 9191.
To read the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency official announcement, click here.


Your test will also be cancelled (at your expense) if you do not supply the correct documentation when you arrive at the test centre. In Summary this is
Module 1

Module 2

NOTE:- If you are taking your motorbike test on your own motorbike, it must be roadworthy, taxed, insured, have a current MOT (if over 3 years old), and be displaying full sized L-plates front and rear in a near vertical position.

It is recommended that you wear a hi-viz jacket, bib or tabbard for a 125cc test. For Direct Access test (500cc or 600cc) you would be wearing one anyway (DVSA Training requirement) so leave it on.