DAS (Direct Access Scheme)

DAS (Direct Access Scheme) training on the road
For those 19 years of age or older who wish to ride a larger and more powerful bikes (big bike) with the minimum of delay.

Following the introduction of the 3rd EU Driving licence directive introduced on the 19th January 2013, (See Motorcycle Licence guide 90-ONE education offer Direct Access training for rider wanting to hold a full motorcycle licence on larger motorcycles. Both unrestricted motorcycle licence (category A) and the 47bhp (35kw) motorcycle licence category A2 are covered here.

To gain your full "big bike" licence, (Category A or A2) you will need to complete 5 stages

You need a driving licence with provisional entitlement to ride a motorcycle (Category A)
You need to complete a Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course
You must pass the DVSA motorcycle theory test. You can even practice on-line
You must wear suitable clothing
You must pass the "Module 1" test (Requires theory and CBT certificate)
You must pass the "Module 2" test (additionally requires module 1 pass certificate)

NOTE:- Riders under 24 years of age with provisional entitlement to motorcycle category A on their licence are limited to taking the Category A2 test (test on a motorcycle over 395cc / 400cc with between 25kw (33bhp) and 35kw (47bhp))
If you have already passed you motorcycle test in category A1 (125cc) or category A2 (400cc+ 35kw/47bhp), you are probably looking for a Licence upgrade refresher course.

Direct access module 1 test preparation

All of the 90-ONE Direct Access Scheme training courses are tailored to individual needs
(including Low Seat motorcycles). Based on a highly efficient training framework, 90-ONE DAS lessons get you riding to a high standard using effective educational techniques.

You are advised to take your Theory test before booking onto a DAS course.

If you have a current CBT (DL196) certificate, (and theory test) we can start your training for the Module 1 and Module 2 big bike motorcycle tests for either motorcycle licence category A or category A2 with the Introduction to Big Bikes

DAS (Direct Access Scheme) training in the training area

Introduction to Big Bikes

This is the starting point for all DAS training with 90-ONE Education. This one hour course is FREE when you book Direct Access Training with 90-ONE Education.

DAS courses

By far our most popular Direct Access course. Working at your pace and spread over a few days or even a few weeks. These lessons fit in with you.
(if you are wanting to take your category A1 125cc motorcycle test, see 125cc Test (A1) Preparation page)

19 or older

24 or older

if you are 19 or older looking to train and pass your A2 category motorcycle test (400cc+ 35kw/47bhp)
Prices/Enquire about category A2 DAS courseEnquire on-line
if you are 24 or older, looking to train and pass your unrestricted full category A motorcycle test
Prices/Enquire about unrestricted DAS courseEnquire on-line

Direct access module 1 test preparation

NOTE:- If you already hold a motorcycle licence for category A1 (125cc) or A2 (400cc+ 35kw/47bhp) you are probably wanting to look at the Licence upgrade refresher course.

Low Seat motorcycles

Making it easy, we even have a very low seat Ducati Monster 696. See our Low Seat motorcycle lessons page.

Why not enquire now or give us a call and get things moving now?

More information on the motorcycle licence restrictions which came into effect on the 19th January 2013 which may affect can be found here.

DAS training normally start from Training Sites in Northampton (Northamptonshire), Coventry and Milton Keynes.

Practical test booking can be done directly through the DVSA. 90-ONE education will arrange this on your behalf as part of your DAS course.