Motorcycle training

90-ONE Education is the country’s leading provider of school based road safety education and is able to offer comprehensive training courses for motorcyclists, in addition to its well established schools programmes.

We pride ourselves on promoting the safe use of motor vehicles and have twice received a Prince Michael of Kent International Road Safety Award in recognition of our successes in this field.

Our priority is to equip our students to ride on the road with the minimum of risk. We do this by concentrating on developing the necessary skills and knowledge and – most importantly – by encouraging a safe attitude. To quote our Principal Instructor, Mick Hall, “In order to ride safely you must ride defensively. You must always be thinking ‘What if……’ and have a plan to deal with all eventualities. Good advice is to never take your bike where your brain hasn’t already been.”


Introduction to Biking More Information
Never ridden a scooter or motorbike before? Not sure that riding on two wheels is for you? We offer an "Introduction to Motorcycling" course. Here you can try riding, and experience the fun of two wheels without any pressures. The relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere is a perfect way to try riding in a safe off-highway environment. The Introduction to Biking also makes an idea gifts for birthdays.

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) More Information
This is not a test! it's a training course. You do not pass it, you complete it. On successful completion of the CBT course you will be issued with a CBT certificate (form DL196) which validates your provisional licence or provisional entitlement on your existing licence. The CBT course usually lasts a day and is a combination of discussion sessions and both off and on-highway riding. If, however, your instructor thinks that you require longer than this to be safe, then you will be given further instruction at no extra charge. See My CBT page to see what you need. Following a successful CBT course, your provisional entitlement to ride a motorbike (automatic or ‘manual’) up to 125cc (50cc if under 17 years of age), but you should be aware that you are still very much at the learning stage, and further supervised assistance should be built into your plans for the future. If you choose not to move on to take the DVSA Motorcycle Test, you will need to re-attend and renew your CBT qualification after two years.

Full Motorcycle Licence (Category A or A2)
Direct Access Scheme (DAS)More Information
For motorcyclists which want to rider machines larger than 125cc.

The DAS course, will prepare you for your category A (Unrestricted) or category A2 (restricted) motorcycle licence test. You will need to complete a CBT course first. (This can be done on a larger machine as part of your Direct Access Scheme training.) It’s during the CBT that our instructor will assess your needs in terms of likely tuition required. If you have already completed your CBT course and hold a current CBT certificate (DL196) and are thinking about riding a big bike, get it started with the Introduction to Big Bike course Not only will you spend an hour with a qualified instructor on a big bike, we can discuss and assess your training requirements.
Since 19th January 2013 the 3rd EU driving directive came into effect. Now there are two categories for Direct Access training (A and A2). More details can be found on the DAS course page.

Motorcycle test preperation.More Information
Need to carry passengers or use the motorways on your 125cc or larger motorcycle and you're over 16 years old (17+), then you'll need to pass your motorcycle test. Although there is a 125cc motorcycle test for under 19 year olds, most people would wait until they are 19 and take their direct acess motorcycle test. 90-ONE education training will prepare you to DVLA test standard for both Module 1 and Module 2 to gain your Note:- At 19 you can take the midrange (Category A2) test allowing you to ride a motorcycle upto 47 horse power (35kw). Most yonger riders adopt this route. If you currently hold an A1 (125cc) motorcyc licence, and want to go on to the midrange test (category A2) or full unrestricted (A) test, 90-ONE education offer a 1 day Licence upgrade refresher course for both modules 1 and 2 of the test.
If you are 19 years old or older and don't hold a motorcycle licence, have a read through the DAS course page.

Motorcycle Licence upgrade refresherMore Information
for riders holding a current category A1 (125cc) or A2 (35kw 47bhp restricted) motorcycle licence, and want to move onto a bigger bike (unlimited category A motorcycle licence). Then a refresher course on bigger bikes is probably all you need.

Advanced DaysMore Information
For fully qualified riders on higher capacity machines. The 90-ONE Rider Education advanced course will enable you to exploit your machines potential while enhancing your safety by extending your skills in machine handling and road craft. Our highly experienced and qualified advanced team, each with minimum of 20 years continuous riding and 10 years of advanced skills development and teaching, and are keen to pass on the tips and tricks used by professional riders like the police and security service.

Please note new licence restrictions come in on the 19th January 2013 which may affect you if you are thinking about delaying taking your motorcycle test.

Greabox training More Information
is available to those who have up to now ridden only automatic or ‘Twist-and-Go’ machines. Effectively using a gearbox on a motorcycle is one of the greatest assets to safe and smooth riding, and it cannot be overstated that understanding how this is done is paramount to a long and enjoyable riding career.

Hire / Delivery More Information
Having completed at least a CBT course at 90-ONE education you can hire a 125cc machine for practice or have a bike delivered to the test centre for your test. We have appropriate machines available for hire / delivery at all of our centres. Insurance is included in the cost of the hire / delivery.

On-Line EnquiryMore Information
You can enquire about any of our motorcycle training and education courses on-line.

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All of the motorcycle training courses can be be given as a gift for birthdays or as a present.

Training Sites

Our primary motorbike, moped and scooter training sites for CBT (compulsory basic training) and DAS (Direct Access Scheme) are in the centre of the UK at Northampton, Coventry and Milton Keynes.
The Northampton training site at the Obelisk centre in Kingsthorpe, Northampton is close to the Close to University of Northampton and Moulton College campus and covers all of Northamptonshire including Daventry, Wellingborough, Rushden, Earls Barton, Irthlingborough, Brixworth, Kettering, Corby, Desborough, Rothwell and their surrounding villages. The 90-one training quality even attracts clients from Market Harborough and Milton Keynes to the Northampton training site.

The Coventry site is based at the Pinley rugby club in Coventry and attracts clients from Rugby, Kenilworth, Bedworth, Nuneaton, Bulkington, Binley, Knowle, Leamington spa, Tile Hill, Stonley, Solihull. And we have even had clients travelling in from Leicestershire to be trained with 90-ONE at the Coventry site.

The Milton Keynes site is based at Downs Barn Pavilion and serves the Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire area and attracts clients from Milton Keynes, Newport Pagnell, Wavendon, Bletchley, Leighton Buzzard, Aylesbury, Wolverton, Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire.