Introduction to Big Bikes

Slow control slalom on big motorcycle

Wanting a full bike licence. Then this is where you start.

Your first hour on a big bike. . . .

The "Big Bike" motorcycle licence test (Direct Access Scheme) for both categories A and A2 requires you to demonstrate an ability to control and handle a larger motorcycle.

If you have only completed a CBT,or never ridden a larger bike? See how you get on with a larger machine. Need a big motorcycle with a low seat. No problem, see our Low Seat motorcycles page.

For riders taking their full category A (unlimited) or restricted category (A2) motorcycle test, this course is essential. You will spend an hour or so with a professional, qualified motorcycle instructor getting to grips with the heavier and more powerful motorcycle. The basic techniques you will need for Direct Access Scheme training and the larger motorcycle test are covered on this course.
Getting used to the weight and controls on a larger motorcycle

Reasons for taking the Introduction to Big Bikes course.
The course is normally conducted on our 500cc 47 bhp motorcycles (A2), and prepares you for Direct Access Scheme training. Category A Direct Access Scheme use our larger Ducati Monsters. (including the Low Seat option), while category A2 Direct Access Scheme courses continue on the 500cc machines.

Manual handling of a big motorbike
If you are thinking of taking the category A2 motorcycle test, but unsure if you can handle a larger machine, you can try it on this course.

If you completed your CBT on an automatic scooter, we would advise you get used to a geared motorcycle on a "Gearbox Training session" before you move onto the Introduction to big motorbikes.

This relaxed professional course explains any differences in the motorcycle controls, more responsive throttle, the slighlty heavy clutch compared to a 125cc motorbike, and of course the difference in weight. Although our "big bikes" for Direct Access Scheme are only about 33% heavier than the 125cc machines we use for CBT's and 125cc test preperation they produce at least about four times the power which you have to control.

Getting used to the weight and controls on a larger motorcycle
You can even take the Introduction to Big Bikes course before you turn 19 years old (no more than 3 months before you are 19 pelase). This course also makes a great gift for christmas or Birthdays for riders wanting to get onto bigger motorcycles.

Expert guidence in handling the extra weight of a larger motorcycle not only keeps you safe, but you also gain the experience and confidence required for training for the Module 1 "big bike" motorcycle test.

Simply wheeling the big bike around and trying the powerful brakes while pushing the bike gives you a real understanding of what big motorcycle are all about, its weight and how responsive the controls are.
big bike motorcycle controlled slalom

A quick refresher from when you did your CBT will soon have you riding the bigger motorcycle around the training area. You will soon gain the confidence in the skills you learnt on the CBT, just now it's on a big motorcycle.
Riding "figures of eight" on a large motorcycle
Learning the correct control techniques, will soon have you in full control of a large, powerful motorcycle and you'll be more than ready to start on your Direct Access Scheme course.

If you completed your CBT with 90-ONE education and want to get even more experience of motorcycling on the road you could hire one of our 125's for a day and gain more experience using your current CBT certificate.

For the "Introduction to Big Bikes", we supply the motorbike, helmet, gloves, a qualified instructor, and the session is conducted on a DVSA approved off highway training site in Northampton, Coventry or Milton Keynes.

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