Back to Biking

How motorcycling was in years gone by
Held a full licence for many years and coming back to biking ?

Then this course is for you. Motorbikes have changed greatly in the last decade (or two), higher performance, better handling, different braking and suspension systems.  (And a lot fewer oil leaks !)

The roads have changed as well. Increased congestion, busy roads, faster cars, more traffic lights, white paint, more potholes and speed cameras.

Motorcycles and equipment have changed greatly in just one generation
With the 90-ONE "back to biking" programme so you can confidently and safely enjoy coming back into the motorcycling community. This off-highway course will give you back the confidence in handling and controlling motorcycles again.

Once you're happy riding again, why not spend a day out on the road on one of our Advanced Days?

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