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Pro-Rider Road Skills


Riding a motorcycle is fun. Thatís why we ride motorbikes. The higher your skills in motorcycle cornering, overtakes, observations and machine handling the more exhilarating the skilled motorcycle riding fun becomes.

The higher motorcycle rider skills mean greater enjoyment. The challenges of new roads and exploring new possibilities engages most riders. Whether your ride a sports bike, cruiser, or on a touring motorcycle, it does not matter. The fun is all the same.

All motorcycle riders, from newly qualified motorcycle licence holders to highly experienced and skilled motorcyclists thoroughly enjoy the riding experience that extra skills and know-how gives them. Expert motorcycle riding and a realisation of what can be achieved on two wheels is our aim.

Courses are open to any fully qualified rider (Licence Category A or A2), and you can bring a pillion passenger as well.

"Essential motorcycle riding kit:- A better rider"

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Enjoy something new. Not the same old roads, or the same track. Time to explore and do something different. All the advanced motorcycle tours cover the same motorcycling skills. Just some have more time to practice and exploit new skills and polished old ones on some stunning roads

Cornering:- Probably most talked about subject on motorcycle riding, why not find out the truth.

Observations and planning:- What if you could see the future? How much would that change things.

Machine handling:- Every motorcycle can do so much more than you expect if you know how to ask it.

Overtakes:- Make progress, with seven tricks you can do on a bike you canít even contemplate in a car.

Our Pedigree:- Make it better. The 90-ONE Education award winning team expand your motorcycling fun.

We currently offer two advanced touring courses.

You can even Hire a motorcycle for these tours.

"The best performance improvement for your motorcycle. Improve the rider"

Frequently asked Questions

Q How often do you run the motorcycle touring / training courses
A The advanced motorcycle training and touring courses are run based on demand. Rather like the course content, we tailor courses based on demand
Q I've got a couple of mates who are also interested in the these motorcycle touring courses with advanced training. Can we get a discount
A Discounted advanced training is possible. Although it would not be a hugh amount as we run these motorcycle tours and training at pretty much cost price
Q How many motorcyclists are on an advanced training course
A Each course requires a minimum of two motorcyclists, with a maximum of three per course / instructor
Q What do I need to attend the motorcycle tour with advanced rider training
A You will need a full motorcycle licence, a roadworthy, taxed and insured motorcycle which can easily attain and maintain 70mph. You also have the option to Hire a motorcycle for the course. You must also have good eye sight (It's illigal to use the roads if you can't read standard car number plate at 20.5 metres).
Q My partner does not ride, can they com along as my pillion
A Yes, if you have experience of riding with a pillion passenger, then no problem at all.
Q What happens if my bike breaks down or I get a puncture
A We would advice you have breakdown cover in place when attending these motorcycle tours. How we complete the motorcycle tour / coursewould then be reviewed later on
Q Do I get a certificate
A We can arrange both the Enhanced Rider Scheme certificate and the 90-ONE Education course completion certificate.
Q How do I book onto a course. I have limited free time for advanced motorcycle training courses
A Either use the on-line application form, call 90-ONE education on 0345 370 9191 or email us at . We will contact you and arrange a tour which fits in with you.