Youth Groups

Student taking the wheel on private ground with one of our teaching staff
90-ONE Youth Education provides a range of programmes for youth groups with a motor vehicle theme. Every course has a practical training element where the young people have an opportunity to develop their driving and/or riding skills. In addition the courses will seek to encourage the sensible and safe use of motor vehicles to help to improve the safety of this very vulnerable group of road users.

The courses are arranged to suit the organisers and can be anything from a single evening to ten two-hour sessions. The practical element can be car driving, motorcycle riding or any combination of the two.

The programmes also include classroom-based work where the young people look at topics such as: drink-driving, how a car works, road signs, insurance, driving and the environment, causes of crashes etc.

Accreditation for these programmes is possible by gaining module passes from the Welsh Joint Education Committee’s Motor Vehicle and Road User Studies Entry Level course.

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