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Entry Level Motor Vehicle and Road User Studies

This Entry Level qualification is validated by the WJEC in Wales.

The assessment is by coursework (25%), a written project (5%), examination (20%) and either a car driving or moped riding test (50%).

There are two papers: Core and Specialist Subject (Two or Four-Wheeled Vehicles). These papers are usually sat in the week prior to the Easter holiday. Both are multiple-choice and very straightforward.

Student taking the wheel on private ground with one of our teaching staff
We set a short test at the end of each module and use the results to establish coursework marks for the students. The modules are:
Written Project
The project is set according to the ability of the students and can range from completing a Driving Licence Application Form to writing an original piece on a topic of interest to them. The mark is awarded according to the amount of effort put in by the student.

Practical Test
Students are normally expected to have training using cars or mopeds (there is also an option to follow a workshop-based practical element but we do not at present offer this). In recent years, however, we have given our students the opportunity to follow both the car and moped training courses and submit the higher of their two test scores.
Student taking the wheel on private ground with one of our teaching staff
Car Test
Candidates must demonstrate that they can:
Moped Riding
Candidates must demonstrate that they can:

This course was designed to be completed in two years with the students receiving two hours of teaching a week. We have found, however, that it can comfortably be taught in two terms to students across the whole ability range.

We have also successfully taught the whole syllabus to a group of young people in two weeks. The students attended from Monday to Friday (09:00 to 16:00) both weeks. This teaching method is particularly suitable for groups who, for whatever reason, find it difficult to commit to a longer course.

For Year 10 students there is an opportunity to progress to the GCSE course in the final term and then to complete it in Year 11. . . . More Information More Information

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