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Educational courses

Our aim is to provide our students with a course that gives them a thorough introduction to off-road riding. Each rider will start with the basics and then go as far as their skills, enthusiasm, knowledge and fitness(!) will take them.
Throughout the course the importance of teamwork, self-discipline, setting and achieving goals and the responsibility for the safety of oneself and others will be stressed. Finally, we will always endeavour to meet these aims while ensuring that everyone enjoys every single minute of their experience!

School & College term courses

Each course consists of twelve two-hour sessions following a professionally designed syllabus. This course is usually delivered on the same day each week, during the academic term. 90-ONE's flexibility enables the courses to be seamlessly incorporated into your scheduled timetable. Alternatively the entire course can be delivered in a single week.

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1 week course

The one week course delivers the same syllabus as the term-based course. By delivering the 24 hour course over four days, the same high standard educational course is in a format particularly suited for term holidays, youth groups and residential group visits alike. (see below).
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Public courses

Based on the accredited educational courses, 90-One Off-road Education now offers off-road, motocross, trials and endurance courses to the public. For more information on the public courses, for more details, click here Public off-road courses. We supply all the equipment required for the public courses.

Academic Accreditation

Have fun and get a qualification as well.
In addition to providing a very enjoyable, exciting and rewarding experience, the training school is able to accredit successful participants with a Foundation Learning Personal and Social Development qualification at Entry 3. For those completing all the tasks this will be at Award level.

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Residential Courses

Why not come and stay? You donít have to live near Wellingborough to make use of this great new facility. Within a few miles of the track there is a local authority-owned residential centre. The centre has dormitory type rooms with catering provided as well as camping facilities and is open all year. There is also a youth hostel run by the YHA located a short drive away in Milton Keynes.

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