Wellingborough Off-Road Rider Training School

Making the most of the off-road track

The Borough Council of Wellingborough and 90-ONE Off-Road Education are working together to improve the lives of young people from Wellingborough and beyond.

The school is run by 90-ONE Off-Road Education on behalf of the Borough Council of Wellingborough. Students follow a structured teaching programme that is designed to take an absolute beginner to a level where they can ride off-road with confidence and in safety.

Each rider will be allowed to progress at their own pace and will only move from one element to the next when they feel comfortable and have demonstrated satisfactory competence.

Steep slope trials turn

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This brand-new unique training facility has been purpose built to run the off-road training school for educational & public courses. Endurance, Motocross, trials, off-road. Challenging and safe.
Off-road bike fleet

Beginners coursesMore Information

Based on 2 hours courses, you can progress from absolute novice beginner to competent off-road rider in a way that suits you.

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Academic accreditation from the courses means you can have fun and get a qualification as well!
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From bike and boots, teaching and trials to classrooms and courses. 90-ONE Off-Road Education supplies what you need.

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Located near Northampton in the centre of England, Wellingborough has great road and rail links. The off-road rider training school is easily accessible wherever you're travelling from. Click for Map & Directions

Background More Information

Find out how this unique scheme began, where the idea came from and how structured off-road motorcycle riding benefits more than just teenagers riding dirt bikes.
Safety First

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Click here for a leaflet to show your friends or take to a meeting.

From 4 years old and upward

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The answers to all those important questions, including the boring ones we all wish we didnít have to bother with.

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fun for all ages

fun for all ages
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