Your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course will last between 5 and 8 hours (normally conducted in a single day). The CBT course is not a test, it's a training course enabling you to reach a level of competence to use a two-wheeled machine on the public highway.
Try out our quick Highway Code quiz

If you have never ridden a scooter or motorcycle before we would suggest you come on an Introduction to Biking course before you book your CBT. (It's free)

At 90-ONE Rider Education, we aim to make the day both enjoyable and fun. Our carefully chosen, fully qualified instructors, guide you through every step. Safety and quality is paramount, but we can have a laugh as well.

The day The day is split into five elements:-
  • Introduction & clothing
  • Practical on-site training (the machine, it's controls and basic maintenance)
  • Practical on-site riding (Handling the machine on our training site)
  • Road training (about riding on the roads)
  • Practical road riding (Time spent out on the public roads)
Upon successful completion of the five elements, you will be issued with your DL196 CBT certificate to validate your licence provisional entitlement for a Category A motorcycle (or moped if you are under 17 years of age).

What you need

  • Your plastic card Driving licence, If you have an old style paper licence, you will also need to bring another form of identification which contains a photograph e.g. passport)
  • Your National Insurance Number Used to validate your driving licence. To check your driving licence has provisional entitlement to category A motorcycle, click here Check my driving licence
  • Packed Lunch.
  • Suitable Clothing:-
    We will supply safety helmet and gloves if required, and a high visibility vest for the course.
    • You MUST supply and wear:-
    • A strong, long sleeved jacket.
    • Strong long trousers e.g. Denim jeans or better, (No tracksuit or jogging bottoms)
    • Ankle boots or sturdy lace up footwear (No slip on/off or high heeled footwear)
  • Good eyesight:-You MUST be able to read a standard number plate at 20.5 metres (using glasses or contact lenses if required)
  • Highway code knowledge You will be riding a motorcycle or moped on the public highway. A basic understanding of the rules of the highway code is required. On-Line highway code can be found here They try out our Highway Code quiz
  • English You must be able to understand and speak English as the courses are conducted in English, which includes verbal direction and instruction via radios while riding on the roads.
  • If you are using your own machine, it needs to be roadworthy, taxed, with full sized L-Plates (front and rear, near vertical), you will need to bring your insurance documents and MOT certificate if required.
  • Please arrive promptly at the allocated starting time.

Additionally safety helmets and gloves may also be purchased directly from 90-ONE Education when you attend your CBT course. (Many borrow our kit for the course). For prices and details, have a look at our Helmets page

Remember a CBT is not a test, so ENJOY it !

Fail to Complete

In very rare circumstances you may not complete the CBT course in a single day. Remember, any continuation of a CBT with 90-ONE is FREE.
A continuation may be required (but is not limited to) the following situations. In the above circumstances the course may be carried over to another day.