Schools Frequently asked Questions

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Q Has your staff been CRB checked?
A All teachers and instructors are CRB checked.
Q Do you have Risk Assessments for your practical activities?
A Yes, click here to access our Risk Assessment
Q Do you have Public Liability Insurance cover?
A Yes, click here to access our current certificate
Q Are your teachers and instructors qualified?
A Our teachers all have Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and the motorcycle and car instructors hold Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) instructor licences.
Q How successful are your students?
A No student of ours who has completed the course has ever failed.
Q Is it possible to follow courses other than the Entry Level or GCSE?
A Yes, we would be happy to deliver all or part of a course such as BTEC or ASDAN.
Q Are your teaching schedules flexible?
A We have delivered the Entry Level programme in two weeks.
Q Could you work in different locations?
A We could certainly discuss it. (See the Contacts Page)
Q Do you find that girls enjoy these courses?
A Not only do they enjoy the courses, but some of our best results have been from girls (including a girl winning the British Motor Vehicle Student of the Year Award).
Q How do you handle badly behaved or disruptive students?
A The students understand that they do not drive or ride if their behaviour is not acceptable, this is usually enough.
Q Are any trips offered as part of the teaching programmes?
A We regularly take students to shows, factories, museums etc.
Q Is there any hands-on mechanical work involved?
A No, all the activities involve driving or riding.
Q Do you have many crashes when the young people first drive or ride.
A No, if someone does not follow instructions or behave sensibly then their session is stopped.
Q Can you offer anything to young people with disabilities?
A We can use automatic cars or quad-bikes if necessary and would be pleased to do so.
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