Off-Road Frequently asked Questions

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We are still compiling questions and answers for the Off-Road school. If your question is not answered below,
please feel free to use the Contacts page to ask a question.


Q Are the courses safe?
A The courses are as safe as we can make them; listen to the instructors carefully, but remember, you will be riding on motorcycles, and you will be expected to follow the instructions given.
Q Is there a qualified first aider on site?
A Yes, and basic first aid facilities are on site in the office, although medication cannot be administered by our staff.
Q I have a medical condition (e.g. epilepsy, diabetes etc.) does this mean I can't go on the course?
A Possibly. This has to be assessed on a case by case basis. Safety has to come first, but we try to ensure that everyone can join in.
Q Do you have public liability insurance?
A Yes, upto £10 million worth, but you may wish to purchase personal accident cover insurance.


Q Are you staff DBS checked to work with children? (Formally CRB)
A Yes, and there are always two of the 90-ONE staff on site along with the responsible adult for the group (school courses).
Q How good at teaching are the instructors?
A Excellent, is the simple answer. 90-ONE Education are educational specialists. Our staff use established teaching and training techniques built up over many years in this type of training environment.
Q I teach at a special needs school. Can your staff handle the unusual students from my school?
A Yes, with ease, based on existing experience from our other educational courses.


Q My daughter is 7 years of age, could she attend?
A Yes, there is no minimum age. The rider must be able to ride a bicycle, and be tall enough for the bikes (See photos).
Q Do you cater for disabilities and special needs?
A Yes by prior arrangement.
Q Do I need previous riding experience?
A No, that's what the courses are for.
Q I don't have any safety equipment (helmet etc), can I come on a course?
A Yes. We supply all safety equipment.


Q Can I ride on the road when I have done the off-road course?
A No. To legally ride a motorcycle or moped on the road you will need to complete a CBT course. See the CBT section under Motorcycle Training for more information.
Q Can I use my bike?
A No. We supply the bikes. This ensures that they are mechanically sound, less likely to break down (and ruin the fun), maximise your safety, and remain within reasonable noise restrictions.
Q Can I bring my friends to watch?
A This is a formal training course for the participants, however, parent(s) or legal gardian for younger riders can watch from the spectators area. Group courses can also be arranged if you have some friends who want to take the course.
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If you have a question which has not been answered above, please feel free to contact us