Learn to drive:- Fewer Driving lessons makes it cheaper

Time to get behind the wheel and start learning to drive a car
Learning to drive is expensive. Most driving schools offer learner drivers the first few lessons at a cheap rate, but you will still need to pay for lots of lessons. When you have passed your driving test, car insurance is the next big expense.

If you have been regularly using the roads, gaining experiences, learning how traffic works and developing the skills to use the roads safely, then driving a care becomes a lot easier.
Time to show your skills and knowledge from riding a bike, this time in a car

90-ONE education did a little bit of research.

Fewer driving lessons

We asked a number of driving schools how many lessons are saved when the driver has existing road experience. On average they save about 10 lessons.

Cheaper car insurance

We asked a number of insurance companies if they would discount the insurance for young drivers if they had 12 months road experience. Many car insurance brokers would give between 10% and 15% discount for experience even if it's their first car insurance policy. (ie. Not a no claims discount as it's the first car insurance policy)

How it works

By learning to ride a motorcycle or scooter for a year before starting driving lessons, and riding regularly, you gain the road experience your driving instructor and examiners wants to see. It should take fewer driving lessons to reach a standard to pass your driving test, and then there is the bonus of cheaper car insurance. If this makes good economic sense to you, but you are not sure if riding a motorcycle or scooter is for you, why not have a go first with our Introduction to Biking course. Your 90-ONE rider education Introduction to Biking taster session is refunded when you book your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course with 90-ONE rider education.

To ride a scooter or motorcycle on the road you would need to complete a Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course.

90-ONE education don't currently do on-road car driving lessons. 90-ONE education don't endorse any specific driving school or driving instructor.